Product Summary

On-chip debugger program is for 8-bit MCUs what has a OCD1 and OCD2 block inside.



This is a debugging software and support ABOV's M8051 series MCUs.



In order to use this software, OCD1/2 interface H/W is required. OCD2 uses two channel to download user's code, reads and modifies the internal memory and SFR(Special Function Register). So it can work even the MCU is attached on the target system. Besides, it can be run at MCU's maximum speed in OCD mode.

  • Supported M8051 core products.
  • MCU emulation control via 2-pin OCD interface. Two pins interface OCD clock and data.
  • Compact size and Cost effective emulator.
  • Emulation and debugging on the target system directly.
  • OCD2 used as an ISP (In System Programming) and real-time emulation.
  • OCD1 is used to debug 'MC93/95/96' products and OCD2 is used to debug 'MC97', MC93F5516, OCD1 supporting products.